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Top 50 Web Forums for Social Workers

If studying to get a degree in social work, there is only so much school can prepare you for. The real life of a social worker can be far more complex and confusing than what is taught in the classroom. So where can you go to get timely and expert information on a variety of social working topics? The internet can be an excellent source of information, if you know where to look.

For a good start, check out the below top 50 web forums for social workers. Many students and actual professionals in the area stop by to discuss everything from passing the licensing exam to treating severe mental illness. So grab a bookmarking device and get ready to get an experience far beyond the classroom below.

Top General Web Forums for Social Workers

  1. Care Space
    Get an online community for social care here. It is based in the UK, but you don’t have to be from there to participate. In addition to may forum posts, there are also blogs and even a special area for students.
  2. Networking and Discussion Forum for Social Workers
    If you have a LinkedIn account, use it to join this group. It is an online forum of many social workers from across the web and world. You can participate in some of the social worker related discussions or start your own.
  3. The New Social Worker
    They are billed as “the place for social workers on the net.” An account is required to check out forum discussions. You can also read the blog and get other related downloads with a visit.
  4. Social Work Chat
    This forum specializes in scheduled chats and bulletin boards on a range of topics. Meet with other colleagues in real time chat rooms to learn and share ideas. You can also check out the schedule of upcoming chats.
  5. The Social Work Café
    They have a 14 year history of connecting students and professionals on the web. There are hundreds of participants from over 40 countries and all across the U.S. Check out the message boards, chat, or even the mentor match.
  6. Council on Social Work Education
    The discussion forums here have rules and etiquette for basic participation. In addition, they also offer tools for accreditation, a glossary, and other publications. There is even a special section for students.
  7. Social Work Search
    Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Then stop here to get a special search engine just for social workers. You can browse information on everything from alcohol to violence. They also have a top 50 with the most popular results.

Top Web Forums for Social Workers by a Group

  1. General Social Care Council
    The GSCC protects the public by requiring high standards for all social workers. The forum is specially designed for both practicing social workers and students. They also offer blogs, publications, and many other online resources.
  2. National Association of Social Workers
    In addition to chat, they have portals and a blog just for social workers. You can also use their site to get the latest news on the industry, as well as job openings. Use the site to find a chapter of the NASW in your area.
  3. Center for Clinical Social Work
    This is a national organization for all clinical social workers in any practice setting and all levels of professional development. They are currently promoting a national bill of rights on the practice and share more. You can also get tools for education, research, and training.
  4. National Association of Professional Social Workers in India
    See how social work is done overseas with a visit here. They have loads of educational and professional services for members. They also offer literature and more.
  5. International Federation of Social Workers
    The IFSW strives for social justice, human rights, and development through the use of social work and best practices. They have chapters all across the world and keep regular tabs on them. See how you can join them, or check out one of their many publications.
  6. Professional Social Workers Association
    The PSWA offers the opportunity to identify, plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate all with the social worker in mind. There is a blog and photo gallery for the viewing. You can also read the latest news and more with a visit.
  7. School Social Work Association of America
    Visit here for an organization dedicated to social workers in education. There are many benefits to an SSWAA membership such as insurance and discounts. You can also check out their latest advocacy and legislative concerns.
  8. Clinical Social Work Association
    Similar to the above, this organization is devoted to social workers in the clinical arena. They have announcements, legislation, and advocacy. They also have a job board.

Top Job Forums for Social Workers

  1. Social Worker Forum
    Indeed is a leading career site that has loads of forums in many areas, including social work. Visit to get discussions on exams, interviews, and more. They also have many job openings and salary information.
  2. Social Work Today
    Click here for the leading magazine in the social work industry. They have a special job bank with loads of options. You can also check out the main site with digital editions and loads of expert articles on social work topics.
  3. Social Work Job Bank
    This is a state-of-the-art online job board and career center devoted to helping professional social workers and employers find the perfect match. Both job seekers and employers can come here to connect. There is also a career center with articles to help you find a job.
  4. Social
    Social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, and many other positions are listed here. There is a specialty job search that can help you find all sorts of social work in your area. You can also post your resume and get other tools.
  5. The Social Work Career Center
    Explore the profession of social work further with a visit here. You can find a job, as well as professional development and training tools. They also offer coaching services such as resumes, references, and more.
  6. Fed Jobs
    Want to work as a social worker for the federal government? Then stop here to check out the over 8,000 positions in the area. They have a list of the basic requirements and a few job samples right on the homepage. You can also view jobs by branch such as biological, education, legal, and more.
  7. The Grad Café
    This forum focuses on everything graduate student. There are loads of forums, including this one for social work. You can also get many others on education, student life, and more.
  8. Social Work Network
    Use this site to find the traditional social work jobs. You can also utilize their online community to take part in online discussions about the profession. They also have sections on schools and companies.
  9. Association of Social Work Boards
    If you can’t find work in your area, click here. It is a listing of social work regulatory boards by state. You can also get tips for licensing, the exam, and more.

Top Web Forums for Social Workers for Practitioners

  1. Case Workers and Social Workers
    These two positions are discussed in detail on Adopt Fast. Both workers and adoptive parents stop by to write about issues surrounding them. There are also forums on international adoption, birth parents, faith based adoption, and more.
  2. Social Work Discussion Forums
    Both members of the National Care Forum and the public can stop here to get forums just for them. While a registration is required for the latter, the public can stop into post questions and answers about the care industry. There is also news, information, and even a career area.
  3. Addiction Search
    If addiction is part of your social work, stop here. These forums have entries on all sorts of addictions including alcohol, heroine, and more. You can also use the site to find other resources.
  4. 12 Step Recovery Forums
    Anyone looking to work the 12 steps of sobriety can visit here for loads of forums. They have those for addicts, families of addicts, and even survivors. Of course, you can learn more about the 12 steps with a visit as well.
  5. The Sober Recovery Community
    Recovery resources online are the offering here, as well as these forums. Topics such as stories of recovery, daily support, and much more are shared. They also have loads more on the main site such as the 12 steps and chat meetings.
  6. Cyber Recovery
    These forums have loads of tools to help you in all sorts of recovery online. They have many support groups, such as for depression and eating disorders. You can also use the main forum to discuss a variety of recovery topics.
  7. Clean and Sober
    Another online spot for addicts, you can find loads of info on the twelve steps and how living clean and sober works. There are also prayers, daily meditations, and a blog.
  8. Social Work Exam
    Did you know there can be a licensing exam involved in becoming a social worker? Stop here to get tools for taking the test such as exam tips, a daily question, and even a free practice test.

Top Mental Health Forums for Social Workers

  1. Psych Links
    These forums focus on general psychology and psychiatry. You can get threads on various medical conditions, attitudes, research, and more. There are also book recommendations and a blog.
  2. Psych Central
    This leading site has many experts stop by to blog. On their forums, you can further discuss what you have read. There are many to choose from such as coping with emotions, sleep issues, and even insurance and finances. Be sure not to miss the Q & A with more.
  3. Mental Health
    Stop here for a mental health forum by Med Help. One of the standout features is that it is often moderated and commented in by a certified expert. A few of the most recent threads include voices, tolerance, and OCD.
  4. Psychology Forums
    These forums are part of the Student Doctor Network. Many hopefuls such as psychologists, counselors, and even social workers stop by to discuss mental health. They also have many study tools for students looking to enter the field of mental health.
  5. Psych Forums
    One of the best features of this site is the ability to ask a psychiatrist online. There are also many forums to choose from such as abuse, anxiety, and impulse control. You can also read the latest posts by scrolling down.
  6. Mental Health Forum
    They cover all mental health experiences such as anxiety and panic attacks, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self harm, and more. Simply choose your forum to begin. You can also get information on related topics such as coming of drugs and mental health conditions.
  7. Depression Forums
    Learn all about one of the most common mental health problems with a visit to this forum. Real people stop by to discuss their depression on a frank basis. There are also blogs, chat, and an online community.
  8. Blue People
    Similar to the above, this is a forum for people with depression and related mental illness. Additional topics include bipolar disorder and even medications. There is even an FAQ with more on the topic.
  9. Psychology and Self Help Forum
    If in between visits with your social worker, stop by here to get self help information on your mental illness. Topics include mental health, personal development, and self help. There are also many articles from the database at Uncommon Knowledge.

Other Top Web Forums for Social Workers

  1. American Federation for the Blind
    If you work with the blind as part of your social work, this site is a must. There are general questions about blindness, eye conditions, technology, and more. The main site has other tools for working with the blind.
  2. All Deaf
    Similar to the above, this is a forum for those who are hard of hearing. There are threads on the community, interests, and even relationships. There are also blogs and more to check out.
  3. Deaf 4 Life
    These forums for the deaf are based in the UK. Stop by for discussions on deaf life, advice, and other topics. Other choices include chat and a member map.
  4. Social Workers in Palliative Care Settings
    These forums are provided by the Center to Advance Palliative Care. The latest discussions include billing, an assessment tool, and the role of the social worker. You can also get loads of other expert entries on many related areas.
  5. National Organization of Forensic Social Work
    Learn more about this kind of social work with a visit here. The NOFSW has launched an online discussion group with even more. You can also check out their journal or find a chapter in your area.
  6. Global SW
    Check out these forums to learn more about social work on a global scale. They have discussions for career exchanges, student exchanges, and volunteer opportunities.
    If your social work has to do with legal enforcement, check out these forums. They are for law enforcement types such as police, corrections, and related areas. The main site has much more on the topic.
  8. Prison
    These forums are especially for corrections officers. Get news, blogs, and much more. There is also the forum with everything from philosophy of corrections to recipes inspired by prisons.
  9. Veterans Forum
    Finally, if your social work involves veterans, this is the forum for you. Many future and present veterans, as well as their advocates, stop here to discuss topics such as benefits, family, and medical. You can also learn more about the organizations that provide services to veterans such as the American Legion.
    1. No matter what your involvement is in social work, you can find loads of answers on the above top 50 web forums for social workers. You can even use them to research more on topics such as popular careers in social work or average salary of a social worker.