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The Average Salary With a Master’s in Social Work

Are you interested in working in the social work field? If so, earning a master’s degree in this field will open up a whole new world of job possibilities, including many that come attached to high salaries. Let’s take a look at the average salary you can expect if you earn an advanced degree in this field.

Salary by Job in the Social Work Field

According to reports by, if you earn your master’s degree in social work, you can expect to make between $35,000 and $85,000 per year. That’s a wide range – and the number one factor when it comes to determining what you’ll earn is your job title. The social work field offers a number of career paths, from working as a therapist to helping ensure that children in your community are safe as a more traditional social working. Here are just a fun of the job options you have if you earn your master’s in social work:

  • Child, Family, or School Social Worker: $42,935 – $60,096
  • Clinical Therapist: $36,694 – $48,958
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: $42,384 – $59,142
  • Medical and Public Health Social Worker: $36,174 – $52,540
  • Non-Profit Organization Executive Director: $55,000 – $84,160

In order to work in most licensed roles, you actually must have at least a master’s degree, so without one, some of these jobs might not be open to you.

Earning More Money with a Master’s in Social Work

Your job title isn’t the only factor that affects your pay rate. Location, experience, and type/size of employer all play a role in the money you’ll receive as a worker in the social work field. Of these, location is perhaps the more influential factor, and it is also the easiest for you to control. You’ll earn more living in a large city than a more rural area, though keep in mind that cost of living is often higher in cities.

Social Work Benefits

Outside of your salary, most employers in the social work field offer other benefits such as health and dental insurance, paid vacation days, and retirement plans. Many will also fund your college education through tuition reimbursement programs, so getting your master’s degree in social work or even a doctorate could. be free. When reviewing job offers, make sure you consider these benefits – salary isn’t always most important.