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Popular Career Specialties With a Master’s in Social Work

Earning a master’s degree in social work allows you to work in licensed positions as a social worker or therapist, as well as opens the door to other jobs in the social work field. Within this industry, there are a number of career specialties you can consider. Here are a few of the most popular:

Clinical Practice in the Social Work Field

Most students who go through master’s in social work programs practice in the field, meaning that they work with those who need help. You can specialize working with a certain group of people, such as the mentally challenged, senior citizens, children and their families, or prisoners. As a social work student, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these areas to find what makes most sens for you. Clinical practice tracks in master’s in social work degree programs are sometime instead called direct practice tracks.

Political Advocacy and Policy Analysis

Macro practice tracks prepare you to work in fields such as political advocacy and policy analysis. This is a great option if you don’t want to work directly with clients/patients, but instead what to help make positive changes to the industry as a whole. This career path is also a great option if you have a government, business, or political science background and was to transition into working in social work.

Public Health or Education

If you love teaching others, you may want to use your master’s degree in social work to move into an educator role. Public health and education are both options if you are interested in this type of job within the social work field. In many cases, you need at least a doctorate degree in this field to work as an educator, though it depends where you want to work.

Social Work Administration

Many schools actually offer joint master’s degree programs in social work and administration. In this kind of role, you can work in more of a business position in the social work world. An administration specialty is perfect for students who want to work in leadership roles.

Social Work Research

Lastly, with a master’s degree in social work, you can go on to get your doctorate and work in a research role. Research positions in the social work field aren’t as prevalent as in many other fields, but are perfect for those interested in the psychological aspect of social work.