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Master’s Degrees in Social Psychology

Social psychology explores issues related to how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the social interaction of individuals. Social psychologists are concerned with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of social contexts. The field studies human behavior in regards to the interaction of mental states and social situation. Bridging the gap between psychology and sociology, social psychology is an interdisciplinary academic pursuit that is becoming the future in social analysis study.

What defines the social space? How do individuals interact? Do humans require socialization to survive? These questions and many more are answered in Master’s programs in Social Psychology. Lasting around two years, these programs prepare individuals for teaching and research positions in universities and colleges, mostly in departments of psychology but also in departments of business, education, political science, justice studies, law, health sciences, and medicine. Personality and social psychologists are also employed by the private sector as consultants, researchers, marketing directors, managers, political strategists, technology designers, and many more. Prerequisites include an interview, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation. Social psychology will be truly the psychology field of the future, and these programs will prepare you to succeed in this growing industry.