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Master’s Degrees in Public Policy

Public policy is the academic study of government action in response to challenges in a manner consistent with law and customs. Scholars have defined it as a system of “courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives”. Public policy also involves the decision-making process and analysis that goes into creating a plan to govern. With the United States facing numerous domestic and international challenges, public policy experts will be called upon to make policy decisions that effectively and respectfully promote the continued growth and security of the United States.

Master’s programs in public policy are normally two years in length and provide students a dynamic course of study of the public sector and public service. The curriculum is usually based on three topic areas, including analysis, management, and leadership. Courses teach students how to formulate the right questions, analyze complex problems, and formulate solutions to promote effective public management. Students gain necessary skills in both analysis and public speaking, vital to a successful career in public policy. Prerequisites for these programs include the GRE exam, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and an interview. Courses might include Statistics, US History, and Public Speaking.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Policy

Guide to Online Masters in Social Work Programs

University of Southern California – USC offers an online masters degree in Social Work. For this program students can specialize in families and children, mental health, military social work, or community organization planning and administration. The online program has the same curriculum and academic rigor as the on-campus program with the same full-time faculty.
Our Lady of the Lake University – Our Lady of the Lake University offers an online degree, Master of Social Work. This program has a mixture of traditional courses and supervised internship experience. It also gives students the opportunity of working with a team of faculty advisors who hold doctoral degrees and possess relevant practitioner experience.
Walden University – Walden University offers an online Master of Social Work. This program usually takes around 2 years to complete. Students will learn how to understand and apply psychological concepts and principles to contemporary and global issues and social change. Students also have the option of writing a thesis.
Purdue University – Purdue University offers an online MS in Human Services - Family and Community Services degree program that focuses on public value, ethical decision-making, innovation, knowledge base, finance, diversity and leadership. Courses include: Public Administration and Management, Leadership in the Public Sector, and Applied Research in Legal Studies.
Widener University – With flexible hours and the convenience of completing assignments from your home PC, Widener University's MS degree in Social Work is the perfect choice for students with busy or inconsistent schedules. Saint Leo was founded over 100 years and is currently among the largest independent universities in the US. Widener's online programs are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
Catholic University of America – The Catholic University of America offers an online masters degree in social. This program is for students who seek careers in federal, state, or local environments, assisting individuals, families, and evne entire communities with a host of issues confronting them. Courses include: Management Communications with Technology Tools, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management and Business Ethics & Social Responsibility.

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