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Master’s Degrees in Public Administration

Public Administration is defined as the course of study that examines the management of government policy, programs, and initiatives. The fundamental goal of public administration is to prepare individuals to become advanced practitioners in public sector management and policies. These practitioners will then be able to foster effective management solutions, to improve communities at the local, state, and national level. Public administrators can include heads of city, county, regional, state and federal government departments.

Master’s programs in Public Administration are normally two-year programs that teach policy, leadership, and management skills to individuals that seek jobs in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Topics might include analytics, management, leadership, American history, comparative government, and policy formation. Curriculums are designed to impart knowledge graduates can use to remedy serious problems in society through the formation of effective, lasting programs. Students also learn how to be responsible leaders in the unique government or non-profit workplace. Graduates go on to apply the skills they’ve learned in such fields as child health care, monetary policy, municipal government, state government, and federal government. The best programs in public administration are comprehensive and integrated and examine issues from a variety of different perspectives. Prerequisites include the GRE exam and letters of recommendation.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Administration