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Master’s in Social Work Degrees

Social Work is a noble calling, as it is the study and practice towards promoting social welfare, social justice, and social change. Social workers are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Through research, policy, community organizing, direct practice and teaching, social workers strive to stay informed on the issues that have the greatest impact on the social fabric. They use this knowledge to plan and implement rewarding programs that serve those in need. Topics related to social work include human development, social policy, public administration, program evaluation and international and community development. Organized into local, national, and international groups, social workers are committed to providing a voice for the most vulnerable in society.

Master’s programs in social work feature interdisciplinary programs that merge theories from economics, education, sociology, medicine, philosophy, politics, and psychology. Most programs require that the student have a bachelor’s degree, and graduates often are required to obtain a license or certification. These programs are about 60-80 credits and are designed to train students for entry in advanced professional practice in Social Work. Foundation courses include Social Justice in Social Work, Social Welfare Policy and Services, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social Work Research, and Generalist Social Work Practice.

Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree Programs