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10 Functions of a Professional Social Worker

When you need someone to be on your side, you can count on a social worker. There are a number of career paths in social work, and most of them involve helping others, or advocating on behalf of others. If you’re passionate about helping to make the difference in people’s lives, a career in social work might be for you.

There are many things that social workers do in order to help others, and it is a great and rewarding career choice. It’s a great feeling when your professional functions allow you the satisfaction of helping others. As you consider a career in social work, here are 10 of the great functions of professional social workers.


Top 40 Social Work Job Listing Web Sites

A master’s degree in social work provides one way to focus on a career specialty such as advocacy, administration, research and clinical practice. But, you also can branch out into fields such as counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, volunteer management, substance abuse treatment and other developmental disabilities. The following top 40 social work job listing sites offer a plethora of opportunities within various settings and specializing in just as many fields. You can even volunteer for work overseas as a way to build your professional social work resume.


Top 50 Web Forums for Social Workers

If studying to get a degree in social work, there is only so much school can prepare you for. The real life of a social worker can be far more complex and confusing than what is taught in the classroom. So where can you go to get timely and expert information on a variety of social working topics? The internet can be an excellent source of information, if you know where to look.

For a good start, check out the below top 50 web forums for social workers. Many students and actual professionals in the area stop by to discuss everything from passing the licensing exam to treating severe mental illness. So grab a bookmarking device and get ready to get an experience far beyond the classroom below.


25 Essential e-Books Every Social Worker Should Read

Books about social work are often available online as instant downloads, but not all of them are free. Textbooks, for instance, are more expensive than mainstream books, just as they are in hardback or in paperback. But, you also can find some great deals, as you’ll see from this list of 25 essential e-books that every social worker should read. Individual books are listed as well as collections, and many are free to download to your reader or available to read online.


25 Amazing Web Tools for Social Workers

Social work is a professional field committed to the pursuit of social welfare, change, and justice. Social workers are often required to have at least an associate’s degree but often have a masters and an appropriate license, depending on what state they practice in. They can also have huge caseloads regarding every topic from addiction to the treatment of many social problems. With so much riding on one person, it can be overwhelming.

To help ease the burden, we have gathered 25 amazing web tools for social workers. They include many free options for productivity, organization, education, and even for finding a job. There are also a few options for those who just need to get some stuff done.