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25 Amazing Web Tools for Social Workers

Social work is a professional field committed to the pursuit of social welfare, change, and justice. Social workers are often required to have at least an associate’s degree but often have a masters and an appropriate license, depending on what state they practice in. They can also have huge caseloads regarding every topic from addiction to the treatment of many social problems. With so much riding on one person, it can be overwhelming.

To help ease the burden, we have gathered 25 amazing web tools for social workers. They include many free options for productivity, organization, education, and even for finding a job. There are also a few options for those who just need to get some stuff done.

Amazing Must Have Web Tools for Social Workers

  1. DivShare
    Because a computer crash resulting in lost files is everyone’s nightmare, check out this site. They offer an amazing 10 GB of online storage at no charge. Simply sign up for an account and begin uploading your files. They can even be organized, protected, and shared on the sites or blogs of your choice.
  2. Dropbox
    But what if you want to share files or move them from one computer or device to another? Then check out this leading site that does just that. Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones, and even their website.
  3. Sugar Sync
    If you don’t have the time or patience to upload all of your files to the above, check out Sugar Sync. It is an online service that continuously syncs and backs up your files for you. Ranked number one by Top Ten Reviews for online storage, it costs $4.99.
  4. Evernote
    Get rid of all those piles of notes, to-do lists, and more with this web tool. It allows you to capture all of your ideas, including images, sounds, emails, and more. You can also organize and find them fast. They also offer an iPhone app for the downloading.
  5. Plaxo
    Keep all of your contacts up to date with this free, web based service. An outstanding feature is its ability to proactively identify incorrect or missing information and even suggest update. It also syncs with many other popular applications such as Outlook and Apple’s Address Book. Take the video tour to see more.
  6. Highrise
    If you need more of a commitment from a contact managing service, click here. Highrise is used by over 100,000 businesses to manage their contacts. With it, you can store everything from the usual contact info to every conversation, email, meeting, and document. Although it is a paid service, they are currently offering a free, 30 day trial.
  7. Mind 42
    Not familiar with the concept of mind mapping? Then stop by this free tool to get a free mind collaboration tool. It can allow you to manage all of your ideas and even allow you to collaborate with other fellow social workers.
  8. Remember the Milk
    Just need a simple to do web tool? Then stop here for that and so much more. This web based application can manage tasks from anywhere, whether from computer, email, or phone. It can send you alerts, share your tasks, and syncs with Google Calendar. There is also an iPad app.

Amazing Web Tools Just for Social Workers

  1. Case Management Resource Guide
    Because case management is a big part of social work, stop here. This free web tools has over 75,000 listings and is the most extensive referral service for case and care managers nationwide. Choose from categories such as behavioral health, disease management, equipment, homecare, insurance, and many others. They also have a job board and publications with more.
  2. Social Worker Jobs Forum
    Read tons of real time discussions from those looking for and who are working as social workers here. Indeed has loads of information on recent social worker and related jobs and even includes up to date statistics on salary. Current discussions are on social work in Africa, pay, and the best type of social work.
  3. Social Work License Exam Test Review
    Are you a hopeful social worker? A licensing exam is often required to become one. Stop by this site just for those preparing for it. They have podcasts, practice exams, study guides, and much more. They also offer a subscription service with more options.
  4. Social Work Job Bank
    Both job seekers and employees can visit here for a social working resource. Stop by to search for jobs and even get a career center with much more. There are also many articles written on the subject of social work.
  5. Social Service
    Similar to the above, they offer both job seekers and employers in social work a place to post and look for jobs. You can even search for jobs by degree required or in Canada or the UK.
  6. Free Social Work Tools
    Another Way provides free resources and tools for both families and social workers. Here, they offer free cards on strength, value, and goals. Scroll down to get other free tools such as handouts and even a book on parenting rules. Be sure to check out the main site with more.
  7. National Association of Social Workers
    You don’t have to be a member of the NASW to take advantage of many of their resources, but it doesn’t hurt. Here you can find a clinical worker, read about diversity and equity, get a student center, and much more. The home page has the latest in jobs, news, and even trending topics in social work practice.
  8. The Social Work Podcast
    Upset about the lack of social work programming available? Then check out this podcast that provides information on all things social work, including direct practice (both clinical and community organizing), research, policy, education, and everything in between. Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., LCSW, is your host and has 67 episodes and counting to choose from.
  9. Social Work International Platform
    This online community was created for scientists, practitioners, students, and people interested in social work topics. Click on topics from social work in its field, in context, and more. Also a good choice for reading and commenting on how social work is done in other countries.
  10. Social Work Careers Quiz
    Take or give out this little quiz in your quest to become a social worker. It consists of 20 true or false questions on everything from job vacancies to retirement. You can find more on the Careers Home Page.

Amazing Web Reads for Social Workers

  1. Social Workers
    This guide was created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They include information on nature of the work, qualifications, pay, job outlook, and much more. You can even learn more about related occupations such as counselors and social and human service assistants.
  2. The New Social Worker
    This publication has become a go to for current and future social workers. You can download many free PDFs, or check out the tons of online articles on everything from ethics to field placement. They also offer a blog and forum with more.
  3. The Social Work Blog
    This popular blog discusses news and views in the social care workforce. Written by Daniel Lombard and Kirsty McGregor, they take on everything from pay and working conditions to stress and the latest social work conduct cases. You can also get other news from Community Care.
  4. Social Work Career Development
    Dorlee has an MBA in marketing and is currently in the career transition into becoming a social worker. Read all about it in her blog and journey as an MSW candidate and intern at an outpatient mental health clinic. She recently began a job search and blogs all about it.
  5. Pat McClendon’s Clinical Social Work
    Visit here for a sort of online textbook to social work. Pat is a Certified Social Worker in the state of Kentucky and offers this free resource with entries written on every social work topic from abuse to treatment. She also has a blog with more.
  6. The Year I Was Homeless
    As a social worker, you may encounter the homeless on a regular basis. In this short talk for TED, Becky Blanton shares her experience as a working homeless person here. She started out as a writer, photographer, and journalist and shares her story intimately.
  7. The Opportunity of Adversity
    Aimee Mullins was a record-breaker at the Paralympic Games in 1996 and has built a career as a model, actor, and activist for women. In another talk for TED, she discusses what the misperceptions of a disabled person are and what they can be. She shows how adversity, in her case being born without shinbones, can actually open the door for human potential.
    1. And the above 25 amazing web tools for social workers is just the beginning. Whether looking to get organized or to advance a career in social work, there are sure to be many more opportunities in the future as sites get updated and offer more options and features.